WAMU’s riff on the #MorningEditionBookClub

One month later and with five shows under our belt, I am willing to call our non-cast (don’t call it a podcast!) effort a rip-roaring success. Here are the five episodes for your listening pleasure:

Due to overlapping vacation schedules, Jonathan, Tayla and I still haven’t talked about the potential future of this project, but I wanted to try and distill a few short takeaways from the experience:

  1. Think broad. Our most successful segments in terms of listens were the ones that were applicable to the widest number of people. Our conversation about “A God In Ruins” itself only got a couple dozen plays because a comparatively tiny portion of the potential audience has read it and can relate.
  2. Let the conversation flow. We got better about this as our recording sessions went on, but the instinct to stick to the script actually makes a podcast less interesting to listen to, I think. Chasing down threads of conversation or genuinely reacting to what others were saying led us to gold.
  3. Air traffic controlling is hard. We worked on this almost entirely in our own time, which meant juggling a full work load along with trying to coordinate guests, put together online posts, doing promotion and actually booking studio time. I think we got better at this, but if we want to continue this experiment, we need to get downright systematic.
  4. This stuff is crazy fun. It’s an excuse to interview cool people, research things we’re already interested in, and sit down and have a chat with friends. (Or work colleagues, as Jonathan calls us.)

I think I’ve got the podcast itch, you guys. It remains to be seen how or whether I will scratch it.

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