WAMU’s New Audience Editor: Me!

I’m pleased to announce here that, effective Jan. 1, I will be assuming the title of “Audience Editor” at WAMU 88.5.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for me. Earlier this month, I was offered the position of Associate Producer on NPR’s digital desk, but Andi and JJ and everybody at WAMU made a hard pitch to keep me on and I just couldn’t say no.

In a lot of ways, the new job will be a crystallization of the direction I’ve taken in the station. My objective will be to both be the point person executing the social media strategy as well as the advocate pushing for greater integration of digital best practices into our already-stellar broadcast journalism.

And while growing into a new role was certainly part of the attraction, I think for me the greater pull comes from the ambitious vision that my boss Andi McDaniel has laid out for our newsroom looking at the next five years. We’ve suffered from a lack of resources for a long time, so to finally have an institutional structure in place that prioritizes the kind of work I like to do is tremendously attractive.

I hope it pays off!

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