WAMU Voter Guide

When our online managing editor left more than a month ago, a lot of his duties fell to me, absent the nice title, salary, or even really the time to do a lot of this stuff. While I’ve been a bit put out by the fact that I haven’t had a lot of time to do many stories, one thing I’m proud to have done was put out the WAMU 88.5 voter guide for the Maryland primaries.

There was a lot wrong with the guide when I inherited it — missing local races, erroneous races that weren’t even on the ballot, misspellings, you name it. But with some intern power we were able to tackle the project in just a few weeks. The election might end up being a non-event, with historically low turnout projected, but I put my stamp of pride on this one.

Welcome to WAMU 88.5 Maryland Primary Voter Guide

Compare candidates on your June 24 ballot. Do side-by-side comparisons of the candidates then print out or email yourself a list of your choices.

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