Social Audio Cont’d

Some more stories for our pilot project with NPR Digital Services:

This story was probably the first I came up with when I sat down to think for ideas on the project, and for the category of “snappy interview” specifically. Mass transit is probably the thing that most people in this region have in common, so it seemed natural to tap the voice that sort of represents that experience. The response wasn’t as strong as I had hoped, thanks in part to the fact that we somehow got beaten to the story by the George Washington University student newspaper, but 3,700 plays as of the time of writing this is strong.

This interview with the doorman at The Mayflower was entirely Lauren Ober’s doing, so I have to give her credit. The category is “Storyteller” which is actually much, much harder to source than it seems. First you have to identify somebody with a good story, but then you have the more difficult challenge of prompting them in such a way that their story makes for compelling audio. This is something that radio reporters have to do all the time anyway, but trying to make something that stands on its own in less than two minutes? A tall task.

This is the most successful story we’ve done so far, by a good margin. For the category of “Woah Sounds,” Lauren found this concert taking place at Atlas Performing Arts Center where a cellist plays along with the sounds generated by her brainwaves. The concept of it is almost more “woah” than the sounds themselves. Still, since this wasn’t specifically local, it spread much wider on social, and even netted us a Buzzfeed article, bumping the total plays over 25,000.

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