Military Children

The last few months have been really slow for me, in terms of original content. We’ve been without an Online Managing Editor at WAMU 88.5 since May, for one thing, which required a temporary adjustment in my focus and responsibilities. But the other chunk of my “free” time has been occupied working with our education reporter Kavitha Cardoza on the latest in her documentary series Breaking Ground.

Check it out:

Military Education

I have to give props to Kavitha — she’s a radio reporter through and through, but she built the web presence of this story into the bones of the project. Well before the rough cut of her radio documentary was cut, she was knee-deep in the weeds with me picking photos, culling extra resources with readers, and thinking about how this story would read on the web. My one regret is that I only got to report on one thing with her: this video on homeschooling in the military:

Anyway, on to new projects, and hopefully more original ones.

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