Live Streaming the Immigration Ban Protests

Headed to Lafayette Park on Sunday to cover the immigration protests after seeing 14,000+ responses on their Facebook event page. It wound up turning into a march! One of my videos found its way into the NPR Two-Way Blog.

I caught a good chunk of it on Periscope:

Interestingly, I didn’t have the same luck using Facebook Live. My suspicion is that in situations like this where data is constrained, Periscope has a lower floor for video quality, so you’re better able to sustain a connection.

With Facebook Live, it’s non-stop warnings about connectivity issues. So even when the stream is working at a reduced level, it’s difficult to tell as a shooter.

Going to explore other options for boosting signal, because I imagine this is going to be a recurring issue with all the protests planned for D.C. this year.

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