How Do Medical Marijuana Laws Compare In The D.C. Region?

Maryland has made headlines this week after the state senate voted 42-4 in favor of House Bill 1101, creating a medical marijuana program. While advocates say Maryland’s program is a long way from implementation , the first of four medical marijuana dispensaries for chronically ill patients in the District of Columbia is set to open up shop this month.

Capital City Care is located about a mile down the road from the capital building on North Capitol Street. The proximity to Congress helps remind the dispensary’s proprietors that while D.C. voters approved medical marijuana in 2010, it is still illegal according to federal law.

General Manager David Guard says attracting the attention of federal law enforcement is not a big concern for them, because D.C.’s program is tightly designed and well-regulated.

“I’ve surveyed the entire country, and we’ve seen the best practices and policies,” Guard says. “D.C. is hands-down the tightest run, most well-regulated program in the country. They know where they are in relationship to the federal government and they want to make this a model for the country.”


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