Getting Over My Gaming Indie-gnation

Building the aforementioned Gaming PC of Ultimate Splendor has given me an excellent excuse to try and catch up on all the PC titles I’ve missed out on since… well, probably 2003. The fine folks behind Steam have been holding one of their bi-annual sales, which has allowed me to swoop in and pick up a lot of titles that would have been totally off my radar even if I trolling the bit-torrent sites instead of a retail store.

The two titles that really seemed to grab me right off the bat were Trine, a physics-based fantasy action/puzzle hybrid and Torchlight, a dungeon crawler that is as fun as it is derivative of the original Diablo.

For whatever reason, indie games of this sort have always generated a sort of natural disdain that I’ve found it difficult to get beyond. My gaming time has been somewhat abbreviated since leaving college, so perhaps it was just a natural impulse to skip titles that would “waste” my time (as if that wasn’t the goal of playing games altogether) in favor of big budget releases. It’s a strange attitude to have, considering I tend to do precisely the opposite when it comes to movies and books.

In any case, I knocked off both games tonight (what an epic boss battle in Torchlight, above!), but here’s hoping there are least a few more indie morsels for me to snack on before the Steam sale runs its course.

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