From radio documentary to online story in three months

I had the distinct pleasure this summer to work with WAMU 88.5’s education reporter Kavitha Cardoza again on the latest in her “Breaking Ground” documentary series. We got off to a pretty good start last year, but with some experience under my belt and enough social capital to keep people from outside the newsroom from meddling, I feel like I was able to faithfully recreate her radio documentary into a pretty solid web product.

The story this year focuses on Christopher Feaster — a DCPS student that Kavitha reporter on back in 2012 as an example of a kid that was beating the odds. Unfortunately, he dropped out of college after receiving a full ride, but we were able to use him as a lens to explore the structural issues faced by lower income students on college campuses.

Lower Income, Higher Ed

It’s not entirely clear whether these documentaries will continue, but I’m hoping I get to do at least one more with Kavitha and that we’ll be able to figure out a way to make the web presentation take a central role in the story.

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