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Kojo In Your Community: Benning Road

I’m always excited when the Kojo Show team taps me to do live social and photos from a Kojo In Your Community. Tonight’s event at the Dorothy I. Height Library on Benning Road about homelessness was just wonderful. So much passion, so much enthusiasm, and a shared sense that it’s an issue that can only be grappled with by a true community.

Here are some cutting room floor shots. Love that they used my best stuff for tweeting the show.

Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Gov. O’Malley Faces Reddit Blowback

Since Reddit is kind of my wheelhouse, we were trying to brainstorm how to turn O’Malley’s Reddit into something digestible by the larger news public. The governor at least made a show of things by not performing that well in the space.

If I could do it again, though, I’d probably take a different tack on it. The election in 2016 is too far away for people to really care about what a minor PR stunt means in a presidential context. I’d probably have been better served to identify the questions that he pointedly DIDN’T answer, and thus make the story about the issues. Next time.

Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Gov. O’Malley Faces Reddit Blowback