Because talking about books is crazy fun

I’ve long thought there was a gap in the podcast market for a show about the experience of reading and being a book nerd. There are plenty of Diane Rehms and Terry Gross’ out in the wild doing incisive interviews with book authors. But what about the nerds in the trenches, joining books clubs or feeling feels about the short list for this year’s Booker Prize?

My WAMU compatriots Jonathan Wilson and Tayla Burney and I are trying to step into the void by taking part in the #MorningEditionBookClub. We are a long way from being genuine podcasters, both in terms of our skills and our goals, but sitting with these two in a studio and just gabbing about books is fun enough that I don’t find myself caring too much. I think that’s a valid yardstick for success, no?

Join Us For The ‘Morning Edition’ Book Club – The Kojo Nnamdi Show

We’ll see.

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